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Long Term Care

Senior Living Properties offer long-term care on a temporary or permanent residency. This is determined based on the underlying reason for the care. Long-term care includes a wide range of medical and support services provided over an extended period of time.


At one’s aging progression, seniors become frailer or experience worsening illnesses or disabilities. As we provide care to elderly, we also serve individuals requiring long-term care younger than the age of 65. Physical accidents, a stroke or heart attack can create an immediate need for long-term care.

Our nursing centers monitor health and vital signs. Physical therapy provides therapy sessions centered around the need to increase mobility and strength. Occupational therapy focuses to improve the skills necessary to perform everyday lifestyle routines. Medication management monitors prescription medications and its daily dosing.


Reasons for Permanent (on-going) Long-term Care (months and years)
  • Permanent disabilities

  • Chronic severe pain

  • Chronic medical conditions

  • Need for supervision

  • Need for assistance with activities of daily living

  • Cognitive impairment such as that caused by brain injury, Alzheimer’s or dementia

Reasons for Temporary Long-term Care (weeks or months):
  • Rehabilitation after a hospital stay

  • Rehabilitation after a surgical procedure

  • Recovery from an injury or illness

  • End of life medical services

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