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Dedicated to Providing Love & Attention, One Resident at a Time!

Prosperity Behavioral and Mental Health Services

We are committed to providing culturally
competent, holistic, and wellness focused services
that promote social-emotional development for the
adult and geriatric population.


We take the responsibility in creating and supporting a therapeutic culture which incorporates the elements of safety, support, and structure, while creating a social environment that encourages selfunderstanding and validation of feelings.


Talk to Someone Today!

Learn how we can make a difference for your or your loved one...

Connect with our Director of Admissions at your preferred Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Texas and Oklahoma to learn more about our services and how we can seamlessly transition you or your loved one to a life of positive health and wellness.

The Interdisciplinary Team (IDT) will consist of a psychiatrist, psychologist, consulting pharmacist, licensed nurse, dietician, social worker, qualified activity assistant, and nursing assistants. . The IDT will approach each resident’s care by addressing their unique individual needs and implementing resident centered interventions promoting overall behavioral and mental health.


We are strongly committed to our resident's plan of care, through engagement and techniques that ensure the best resident-family relationship. It is our desire to help drive hope and a positive outlook through family involvement and participation.

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