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Respite Care Services

At Senior Living Properties we provide relief for the caregiver through our Respite Care services. This program is designed for individuals who are no longer independent, they may be disabled or frail. They may also be isolated and alone. We pride ourselves on bringing balance and wellness to our residents.

Daily services during the day such as meals, socialization, games and educational activities are planned and scheduled throughout the day. We are equipped and skilled to care for patients for 24-hour periods.

One of the unique facets of respite care is that we provide care designed for the individual situation. This means that family members can choose when to use the service, how much service to use, and what type of care they need.

When Does a Person Need Respite Care?

If a family is taking care of an elderly or disabled member, but the family needs to go away for the weekend, respite care can step in and provide 24-hour care. On the other hand, a family member may need to work different hours, and the elderly parent cannot be left alone each day during that time. Respite care can step in to fill-in on a daily basis to cover that needed help. The types of services provided depend on the circumstances of the situation. Services can include providing personal care such as help with dressing, feeding, bathing, toileting, and grooming. Elderly individuals may need constant care and supervision or may not need much care at all. Again, Senior Living Properties respite care team can provide for just about any need.

How does Respite Care Work at a Skilled Nursing Facility?

Receiving respite care at a skilled nursing facility renders additional benefits allowing us to provide assistance with physical therapy and medication. Our respite care is provides one-on-one attention and care for the elderly or disabled person. We pay close attention to their needs by holding a conversation or playing a game with the individual. We spend time walking with the individual and meeting their day to day mental needs.

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