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Skilled Nursing | Short Term Care

Skilled nursing care is a high level of medical care that must be provided by trained individuals...

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Memory Care

Memory care is a distinct form of long-term skilled nursing that specifically caters to residents with Alzheimer’s disease...

Rehabilitative Care

Rehab2Home Program motivates residents to enhance their quality of life by improving their functional abilities...

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Long Term Care

Senior Living Properties offer long-term care on a temporary or permanent residency. 

Respite Care

At Senior Living Properties we provide relief for the caregiver through our Respite Care services. 

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Wound Care Management

Our Wound Care Management is efficient and effective to our residents and patients. 

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Hospice Care

Hospice Care is a service that goes to the patient, whether cared for in their home, apartment, or nursing home. 

Behavioral Program

We are committed to providing culturally competent, holistic, and wellness

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