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Wound Care Management

Our Wound Care Management is efficient and effective to our residents and patients. We closely monitor specialized treatments, providing oversight and support of the wound management program from prevention to treatment.

Our Director of Nursing enforces consistency and safety, working closely with the Administrator  regarding the needs for new admissions at risk of or with wounds. Together, they collaborate with the facility staff to establish a process for procurement from central supply to the patient; monitoring wound management outcomes; and reviews monthly unit wound logs.

Why people choose our Wound Care Management Program?

Our Skilled Nursing Centers provide wound prevention and management education to clinicians, patients, families, and the community. We provide treatments according to our program policy, to minimize infection risk, which includes all nurses who provide treatments must be competent in treatment recommendations and appropriate application. We staff well-trained wound care nurses, who have been properly educated in current evidence-based care of chronic wounds. Our healthcare team is equipped to manage difficult wounds in an expeditious and evidence-based manner.

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